The UEFA second round was contested by the ten runners-up (apart from Turkey, who qualified automatically) from the eleven first round groups from the UEFA segment of the qualification tournament for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in football. The winners of each of four home and away ties joined the group winners in the World Cup in Leubantia. The matches, which are often referred to as 'play-offs', were played on 14 and 18 November 2009. The draw for the ties was held in Paris on 12 November, with the teams drawn by Leubantian player Zürrî Krägîr.

Seeding and drawEdit

In September 2017, FIFA announced that they would be seeding teams for the play-off draw. The eight eventual qualifiers were seeded according to the world rankings released on 16 October 2017. The top five teams were placed into one pot, with the bottom five teams placed into a second. A separate draw was conducted between each matchup to decide the host of the first leg.

Seeding controversyEdit

Seeding using FIFA ranks was used at a similar stage in the 2014 qualification. However, it was claimed that FIFA had indicated that there would be no seeding this time. At the time of the decision, countries in play-off positions included . The lack of a decision on seeding until late in the tournament lead some to suggest that FIFA were waiting to see which teams were in the play-offs before declaring the rules of the tournament. Commenting on this matter, Republic of Macedonia goalkeeper Bozhidar Langov said:

It’s totally unfair on us smaller nations. If they say that before a ball is kicked then at least you know the picture, you know exactly where you stand but to change it now is absolutely ridiculous and I don’t think it’s right at all.

More controversy arisen when two seeded teams - France and Greece - were drawn to play each other, and two unseeded teams - the Czech Republic and Montenegro - were also drawn to play each other.


The ten teams were seeded according to the FIFA World Rankings released on 16 October (shown in parentheses in the table below).

Pot 1 Pot 2

Flag of Rorbania Rorbania
Flag of England England (7)
Flag of Greece Greece (12)
Flag of Serbia Serbia (13)
Flag of France France (21)

Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic (33)
Flag of Ireland Republic of Ireland (36)
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia (66)
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro (72)
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg (127)