The 2018 FA Cup Final was the 137th final of the world's 2nd oldest domestic football cup competition (after the Scottish Cup), the FA Cup. The match took place on 12 May 2010, at Wembley Stadium, London. The match was contested by 2017 winners Manchester United and 2016 winners Liverpool, and it was refereed by George Hogbin from Sussex.

United entered the final looking to complete the Double for the fifth time in their history, having been crowned as the winners of the 2017-18 Premier League the week before. Liverpool, meanwhile, had finished the league in 4th place, qualifying for the play-off round of the UEFA Champions League.

A header from United skipper Stuart Pantner opened the scoring just before half-time, before Kuren Flestun doubled United's lead with a penalty after 61 minutes. Flestun finished off the scoring when he tapped in from Robbie Stack's cross, despite appearing to be offside.

The Europa League qualifying place normally due to the winners of the FA Cup became irrelevant for the 2018 final, after both United and Liverpool qualified through the Premier League. With United having also won the League Cup, the qualifying place due to the finalists instead passed to the 7th placed Premier League team, Manchester City.


Up to the 2018 final, Manchester United had reached the FA Cup Final eighteen times, winning eleven of them, while Liverpool had won seven of their thirteen finals.

Both teams won a game each in the two games between them in the 2017-18 Premier League, with Manchester United winning 3–0 at Old Trafford and Liverpool winning 2–1 at Anfield. The two teams had met each other 16 times before in the FA Cup, two occasions being the Final, ten being FA Cup games excluding replays and Finals, and four occasions being replays.

Because Manchester United won the 2017-18 Premier League, and Liverpool also qualified for the 2018–19 UEFA Champions League through a fourth-placed finish, the qualifying place due to the finalists went to the team that finished seventh in the Premier League, Manchester City.

Route to the finalEdit

Manchester United Round Liverpool
Charlton Athletic [C]
Flestun 5', 20', 68', Herston 15' (o.g.), Laing 22', Asteerev 64'Third RoundMiddlesborough [C]
Amferdins 45+1'
replayMiddlesborough [C]
McElroy 90' (o.g.), Arksov 120+1'
Brighton & Hove Albion [PL]
Brangley 23', Roshingor 36', Flestun 49', 71', Khedira 54' Fourth Round Bolton Wanderers [PL]
Primrose 42', 57'
Blackburn Rovers [C]
Erenavula 44', Flestun 73', Maccler 90+2' Fifth Round Hartlepool United [L1]
Amferdins 66', Arksov 75', Primrose 82', Harrudson 85'
Tottenham Hotspur [PL]
5–4 (aet)
Flestun 34', 66', 120', Pantner 47', Asteerev 51' Sixth Round Scunthorpe United [PL]
Arksov 67', 70'
Chelsea [PL]
Wembley Stadium, London
Flestun 85'Semi-Finals Arsenal [PL]
Wembley Stadium, London
Amferdins 99', Arksov 117'

[PL] = Premier League

[C] = Championship

[L1] = League One

[L2] = League Two


Match ballEdit

The match ball for the 2010 FA Cup Final was the Nike Vivalot. The ball has an irregular 14-panel configuration, and the panels are cut using lasers, which Nike claim cause the ball to have a smoother flight through the air. The ball will be used for all matches in the 2018–19 FA Cup from the Second Round onwards.


Since both teams have a red home kit, a coin toss was decided on who should wear their home kit. Manchester United won the toss and wore their traditional red home kit with white shorts, while Liverpool wore their black away kit, with gold shorts, gold trim, and red lines.



12 May 2010
Manchester United 3 – 0 Liverpool Wembley Stadium, London
Attendance: 88,335
Referee: George Hogbin (Sussex)
Pantner Soccerball shade 44'
Fléstün Soccerball shade 65' (pen.)81'
GK 1 Flag of the USA Xavier Reagan
RB 4 Flag of England Stuart Pantner (c)
CB 5Flag of Indonesia Sewiatan Sunnigardi
CB 18Flag of Brazil Colin Sub off 46'
LB 7 Flag of Norway Jordan Olaf Riise
RM 8 Flag of Canada Gavin Framston
CM 9Naanbreadland flag Sag Aloo Sub off 79'
CM 10Flag of Estonia Riki Asteerev
LM 11Flag of England Robbie Stack
CF 2Leubantia flag Kürén Fléstün
CF 15Flag of Saint Lucia Ritchie Maccler Sub off 86'
GK 12Mishmosh flag Danny Kabana
DF 6Flag of France Robert Jilénz Sub on 46'
DF 49Flag of Drosophiland Justin Roshingor
MF 21Flag of Switzerland Sascha Züberbuhler Sub on 79'
MF 50Flag of Fiji Kamisese Erenavula
FW 14Flag of England Milo Robinson
FW 3Flag of Ireland Ciaran Cristie Sub on 86'
Proper flag of Scotland Rob McGulloch
GK 1 Flag of the USA Cory Singleburger
RB 4Flag of Iceland Ívan Harrudson
CB 5 Flag of Spain Octavio Alcáron Yellow card 90+1'
CB 6 Flag of England Haydn Plymouth
LB 7 Flag of Hungary Áron Szöllós Sub off 66'
RM 8Proper flag of Scotland Fraser MacIntosh
CM 9Flag of Canada Toby Valeroux Sub off 78'
CM 10 Flag of England Kieran Amferdins (c)
LM 11Flag of England Jordan Primrose
SS 2 Flag of Estonia Doonald Arksov
CF 3 Flag of Poland Janusz Kuszczak Sub off 81'
GK 12Flag of England Ben Raspberry
DF 18Ulster banner Simon McLaughlin
DF 19Flag of Austria Bruno Baumschlager Sub on 66'
MF 20Flag of Australia James Fishermay
MF 22Flag of the Czech Republic Honza Formanek Sub on 78'
FW 14Flag of Argentina Geraldo Mascherano
FW 15Flag of Sweden Tobias Fontér Sub on 81'
Flag of England Martin Neville