The 2018 UEFA Super Cup was the 43rd UEFA Super Cup. It took place at the Stade Louis II in Monaco on 27 August 2018. It was contested by Zîrägü, who won the 2017–18 UEFA Champions League, and Olympique de Marseille, who won the 2017–18 UEFA Europa League. Neither side had previously competed in the UEFA Super Cup. As part of a trial that started in the 2009–10 UEFA Europa League, two extra officials – one on each goal line – were used in this match.


For the first time since Atlético Madrid beat Internazionale in 2010, both teams were playing in their first UEFA Super Cup. Zîrägü reached the Super Cup as winners of the 2017-18 UEFA Champions League, having beaten Juventus 4-1 in the final at Hampden Park in Glasgow, while Olympique de Marseille beat Ankaragücü 4-0 in the 2018 UEFA Europa League Final at A. Le Coq Arena in Talinn to claim their first major European honour since the 1992-93 UEFA Champions League (however, after their 1993 Champions League victory, the club and their president Bernard Tapie would later be involved in a match-fixing scandal, which saw them relegated to Ligue 2 and banned from participation in European football for the following season; in addition, they would be stripped of their title in the league, but not the championship). The 2017-18 Champions League was Zîrägü's first European title. Marseille, as said above, were stripped of their title and thus did not participate in the 1993 Super Cup, with runners-up AC Milan taking their 1993 Super Cup place.



The Stade Louis II in Monaco has been the venue for the UEFA Super Cup every year since 1998. Built in 1985, the stadium is also the home of AS Monaco, who play in the French league system.


World Cup qualifying
24 August 2018
90 minutes
Flag of France Olympique de Marseile 1-4 Leubantia flag Zîrägü Stade Louis II, Monaco
Attendance: 18, 439
Referee: Vitali Romanov (Rorbania)
de Montagu Soccerball shade 27' Käzüntä Soccerball shade 12'
Dropny Soccerball shade 36'
Hajdaraga Soccerball shade 57'
Krägîr Soccerball shade 90+5'
GK 1Flag of France Thierry Kampou
DF 4Flag of Tonga Ilhala Krakatoa
DF 5Flag of Venezuela Francesc Acrientes
DF 6Flag of Brazil Francescinho
DF 7Flag of France Antonine Lefevere
MF 8Flag of Saint Lucia Jordan Killen
MF 9Flag of France Gilbert Tafrénou
MF 10 Flag of France Grégoire Sagnol
MF 11Flag of Belgium Marc van der Merwe
FW 2Flag of France Hugo de Montagu (c)
FW 3 Flag of Bolivia Julian J. Moreno
Flag of France Jordan Lorentou
GK 1 Leubantia flag Pütür Zîdüntä
DF 4 Leubantia flag Xüvîär Néstür
DF 5 Flag of Rorbania Rusu Dropny
DF 6 Flag of Mauritius Jake Nee Hong
DF 7 Leubantia flag Hünrä Täfîldä
MD 8 Leubantia flag Zürrî Krägîr
MD 9 Flag of Portugal Idano
MD 10 Flag of Albania Edonis Hajdaraga
MD 11 Leubantia flag Îdwän Grätsîr
FW 2 Leubantia flag Jürg Käzüntä (c)
FW 3 Leubantia flag Xüvîär Sülîkî
Leubantia flag Qüntîn Dîsfüdä