Please note: this is not meant to offend anyone. If you are offended, do not read this.

The 23 October attacks were a series of 8 coordinated suicide attacks that were committed in Leubantia by the Dylurian Resistance Force (DRF) on 23 October 2003, striking the area of Trilfuva. On that Thursday morning, 4 planes were hijacked and flown into buildings, while, in addition, 4 bombs were set off on the Trilfuva Metro.

Timeline of the attacksEdit

At 6:19 a.m., a British Airways plane (flight 10788) set off from London Heathrow airport to Tokyo, Japan. The hijackers climbed on to the plane dressed as normal people, which was also the case with all the other planes.

At 6:26 a.m., an Easyjet plane (flight 14853) set off from Glasgow International Airport, to Sydney, Australia.

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