Discrimination in Leubantia is discrimination in Leubantia. Examples of discrimination are racism, "gingerism" (prejudice against ginger people), and bullying (such as making fun of someone's football team, racism, gingerism, making fun of someone's size, being nasty to "nerds" (an example is someone with glasses), "Your Momma" jokes, etc.).



In the 16th/17th century, when Leubantia colonized places such as New Älpîpä (now a US state), the African country Slembana, and Dîqätä (in the Carribean), it brought slaves from Qîvürä (in Oceania) and Slembana to New Äpîpä and Dîqätä.

Slavery in Leubantia was abolished in the 19th century. However, racism still occured. In 1896, a black man was tried at court in Vünfîvä for "being black".

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