The Dyluria Stadium in Îzätfä, Leubantia is a newly built stadium that was used for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. During the planning stage it was known as the Maroon Coast Stadium, which was the name of the previous stadium on the site, and this name was also used frequently during World Cup media coverage.

2018 FIFA World CupEdit

In the World Cup, hosted five first round matches, one second round, one quarter-final and one semi-final. During the World Cup all FIFA media referred to the stadium as 'Maroon Coast Stadium'.

Date Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance
2018-06-11Flag of Rorbania Rorbania3-1Naanbreadland flag NaanbreadlandGroup A35, 670
2018-06-14Flag of the USA USA3–1Flag of Estonia EstoniaGroup F32, 370
2018-06-18Flag of Poland Poland7-5Flag of Italy ItalyGroup C37, 482
2018-06-21Flag of Peru Peru5–0Flag of Niger svg NigerGroup G32, 547
2018-06-24Flag of Denmark Denmark4-0Flag of the People's Republic of China svg China PRGroup E32, 370
2018-06-29Flag of Louaza Louaza8-7Flag of Madagascar MadagascarRound of 1635, 370
2018-07-03Proper flag of Scotland Scotland5-5 (3-2 on pen.)Flag of Poland PolandQuarter Finals32, 680
2018-07-06Leubantia flag Leubantia5-5 (4-2 on pen.)Proper flag of Scotland ScotlandSemi Finals35, 670