Football City is a rugby and football stadium situated in Rädfîrd, Juniper, Leubantia. It was built in 1914, opened in 1931, renovated in 1985, and expanded in 2016 in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

In June 2018, the stadium hosted opening round games and one game of the round of 16 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Sporting and Miscellaneous eventsEdit

2018 FIFA World CupEdit

Minimal upgrading was undertaken in order for Football City to qualify as a venue for first and second round matches for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The floodlights, sound system, scoreboards and stadium roof were improved and, while expected to be finished in August 2016, renovation was completed in January 2017.

Date Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance
2018-06-13Flag of Japan Japan5-4Flag of Ukraine UkraineGroup D63, 457
2018-06-16Mishmosh flag Mishmosh0–3Naanbreadland flag NaanbreadlandGroup A63, 457
2018-06-19Flag of the People's Republic of China svg China PR4-0Flag of Chile ChileGroup E63, 457
2018-06-23Flag of Austria Austria5-3Flag of Spain SpainGroup C63, 457
2018-06-25Flag of Madagascar Madagascar7-0Flag of Bulgaria BulgariaGroup H63, 457
2018-06-29Flag of the USA USA4-2Flag of Ireland Republic of IrelandRound of 1660, 382