Games of the XXIII Olympiad - Los Angeles 1984

Tournament details

Host country USA

Dates July 29 – August 11

Teams 16 (from 5 confederations)

Venue(s) 4 (in 3 host cities)

Final positions

Champions France (1st title)

Runners-up Brazil

Third place Yugoslavia

Fourth place Italy

Tournament statistics

Matches played 32

Goals scored 84 (2.63 per match)

Attendance 1,425,181 (44,537 per match)

Top scorer(s) Daniel Xuereb

Borislav Cvetković

Stjepan Deverić (5 goals)

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The football tournament at the 1984 Summer Olympics started on July 29 and ended on August 11. It featured only a men's tournament, as women's football had yet to become an Olympic event. It was the first Olympic football competition in which professionals were allowed. Until then, the amateur-only rule had heavily favored socialist countries from Eastern Europe whose players were professionals in all but name. However, as agreed with FIFA to preserve the primacy of the World Cup,

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