Trilfuva is the capital city of Leubantia, and the largest metropolitan area in the country. Located on the river Fîlzrä, Trilfuva has been a major settlement for more than three-and-a-half millenia, having been properly founded in 1593 BC. The Trilfuva metropolitan area forms the Trilfuva capital district, which is governed by an elected mayor.

Trilfuva has two major airports, Jürg T. Fîshür and St. Fîlä's.

Major landmarks include the Hammerhead Tower, the Frîgäzü Stadium, the Houses of Parliament, St. Fîlä's Cathedral, Trilfuva Central railway station, and Prüsîdént Hîz (President House). Trilfuva hosts many libraries, museums, galleries, sporting events, and other cultural institutions, including the Leubantian Museum, the Leubantian Library, the National Gallery of Leubantia, the Leubantian Museum of Natural History, Trilfuva Zoo, and numerous theatres. The Trilfuva Metro is one of the oldest underground railway networks in the world.

Twin towns – Sister citiesEdit

Trilfuva is twinned with:

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  • Flag of the USA New York City, New York, United States
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